Book Rental Scheme

At St Patrick’s College we are very conscious of the cost of your child’s education. In fact, our school was one of the first in the country to introduce a Book Rental Scheme for our community to help alleviate the high costs associated with school books down.

This scheme is dependent on all parent’s support. The average cost of books for a student in some local secondary schools can run to over €400. With this in mind, we ask for your co-operation in prompt payment of book rental fee and ensuring the upkeep and care of the books for future students. If any parent/guardian is having difficulty in paying the book rental fee, please contact the school.

Breakdown of book rental fees for students in our school:

Year Book Rental Fee Deposit
1 €60 €60
2 €60  
3 €60 Deposit returned after Year 3
4 Transition Year Book Fee included in the TY annual fee.
5 €60 €60
6 €60 Deposit returned after Year 6


For families with more than one student the following rules apply:

First student €60
Second student €40
Third student or more €30
All students must pay the €60 deposit