Webwise Parent’s Hub

The Webwise Parents Hub is a free support for parents and guardians to help ensure your child has a safe, positive, experience online. Webwise provides important information and advice on various online safety topics. Webwise also provides information about popular apps that your child might be using. You can access the Webwise parent’s hub by […]

Guidance for Children on their Data Protection Rights

The Data Protection Commission (DPC) has produced three short guides for children on data protection and their rights under the GDPR. These guides are aimed mainly at children aged 13 and over, as this is the age at which children can begin signing up for many forms of social media on their own. The protection […]

The importance of sleep for our teenagers

Dear Parents, A recording of the webinar The Importance of Sleep for our Teenagers  by Emmet Major and Lucy Wolfe can be found at the link below. The importance of sleep for our teenagers 2022 The Planet Youth website also has several very useful links for parents which can be found by clicking on the […]