Transition Year Overview

Transition Year (TY) is an optional one-year programme taken after Junior Cycle and before the two-year Leaving Certificate programme. It is designed to act as a bridge between the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate programmes. Students are encouraged to become more rounded individuals academically, socially and in terms of maturity. Transition Year is important because it offers students this chance to mature and develop without the pressure of a state examination.

Students are encouraged to develop interdisciplinary skills as well as maintaining self-discipline, social awareness, and self-learning. The focus on academic development and momentum is maintained and built upon to help bridge the gap between Junior and Senior Cycle. This provides an opportunity for teachers, students and parents to share and develop specific specialisms and enthusiasms which can benefit the student later in life. Each student is accepted on the basis of a successful application process and agreement of the terms and conditions of the programme. The St Patrick’s College Lacken Cross Transition Year Policy can be viewed in the policy section of this website.