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Squash is a game played using a ball and a racket on an indoor court. You also must wear goggles for safety. It takes a while to learn to play Squash. You have to learn how to serve the ball and hold a rally with your opponent and you also have to practice a lot […]

Transition Year Fascinator Workshop

On the 27th of February, our teacher Mrs. O’Hara organised for Mary H a local milliner, to come down to the school and show our class how to make hats and design them. Mary started off by handing out a bag full of materials to each student and then showed us lots of different design […]

Transition Year Create New School Murals

This year, the Transition Year group have been busy helping to make the school more beautiful. At a meeting with our Art teacher, Ms. Mc Guinness, we decided to brighten up three areas of the school by painting murals. Ms. Mc Guinness helped us to design some murals and got some very bright and exciting […]