Transition Year Fascinator Workshop

On the 27th of February, our teacher Mrs. O’Hara organised for Mary H a local milliner, to come down to the school and show our class how to make hats and design them.

Mary started off by handing out a bag full of materials to each student and then showed us lots of different design techniques. She also explained to us what each piece of material was called and what you use it for.

She taught us the basics and told us how to add to the base of the hat to make the hat a different shape or design. We practiced with different items such as feathers, buttons, butterflies and flowers.

To shape the flowers and feathers you must use the iron to get the shape you want. We spent a while decorating our hats to get them the way we wanted.

At the very end, we showed our hats around the room and then took a photo of our hats individually. We all decided to get a group photo at the end to show how much we enjoyed it. A huge thank you to Mary and to our teacher for organising this great event and giving us an insight into the work of a milliner!

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