Transition Year Create New School Murals

This year, the Transition Year group have been busy helping to make the school more beautiful. At a meeting with our Art teacher, Ms. Mc Guinness, we decided to brighten up three areas of the school by painting murals.

Ms. Mc Guinness helped us to design some murals and got some very bright and exciting colours like yellow, light green, baby blue, lilac, and orange. We started our work on the first mural in early January 2019. Our first wall mural was at the morning student entrance. It is based on the theme of well-being which is important in everyone’s lives.

When we had finished this mural, we decided to try another mural on the wall around the corner from the canteen. This one was based on the theme of the Transition Year school year. There are different symbols representing the subjects we have studied, and they are surrounded by a sun representing our futures.

Finally, we painted some large and bright silhouettes of sporting activities in the school’s sports hall. The whole class really enjoyed doing this activity. We helped to make the school look great and our work will be there for a long time to come. Thank you to Ms. Mc Guinness and Robert Mc Andrew, the school’s caretaker for all their help and patience.

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